Sunday, March 7, 2010

settling in.

i do all the normal things. unpack. exchange gifts. they gave me tasty famous Neuhaus chocolate and a way cute beenie. i made clara a picture frame and gave her a panda beanie baby. bruno i brought a sock monkey. gino and maria i gave arizona playing cards and an native american pottery windchime. i think i won. haha

over the next week they take me around and help me get a bank account, a cell phone set up, stamps, office supplies, etc. they also bought my a coat! okay funny story.

so gino does underwater free diving. nothing too hardcore, but its pretty awesome. he really wanted to go and buy a wet suit, and the place to get them here is called decathlon. its outside of town, i dunno, maybe 20 miles. which for europe is FAR. they invite me to go and the whole family packs in the car. oh gosh. so funny! they hate driving on highways, which are like normal freeways for us. there is a traffic jam, and gino keeps apologizing profusely, like it was the most ridiculous thing of my life. hahah i was just like, haha, this happens all the time at home. no prob. and the store we went to was like the size of a dicks sporting goods, and its definitely HUGE for here. for sure the biggest store i have been in yet and probably will. there were a lot of people there, and again, they proceeded to apologize for the lines and craziness. haha i was like, yeah, we have malls. no problem. hahah

it was a way fun night.

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