Sunday, March 7, 2010

departure, arrival, wait. departure, arrival,haul it. departure, arrival. deep breath.

the morning final came january 11th. mom and dad took me out to breakfast at crackers, soooo good. that was fun.

we weren't really sure a specific date because there were huge snow storms across europe. making flights a bit of a messy mess. so michelle paxton, being a freaking rockstar, kept checking and switching them around for me as they seemed to be good or not. so i for sure have a flight to philidelphia, the connection to London. but the flight to london itself was definitely up in the air since i was flying standby. my mom calls sister hawley to ask if i can hook it up with andrea's family just in case i have to stay over night there.

luckily i got freaking awesome flight on the way to philly. in a row by myself and no seat in front of me. which is lovely since me and flying aren't best of friends. and when i got there i hung out in the club, once again thanks to michelle. so nice.

anyhow, i got a flight to heathrow. which was also an awesome seat. i sat next to a really nice lady from philly who was heading to africa. i told her i was going to brussels and she laughed and said i needed to make sure to say goodbye to the sun since i wasn't going to see it for a long time. hahah

i took sleeping pills on the flight, i think maybe for the first time. yeah, i think i am definitely one of those weird human anomalies that react the opposite. so i slept about an hour on the plane overnight.

in london. oh goodness. i am sure i was quite a site. the airlines broke a wheel (out of 2 wheels) off of one of the huge suitcases i had. sorry again jordan. so i drag it, with my other suitcase, and my huge backpack up and down stairs--no escalators. to the metro. off the metro. to the train. oh it was hell. and i was going on being awake about 26 hours out of 27. so it was great. haha. but i make it to my eurostar train to brussels.

it was a good ride and when i got there i had an amazing greeting! gino and clara were there with this sweet sign. oh and its about -1c outside. and raining. haha hello belgium!

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