Saturday, March 27, 2010

pizza girls night, mickey d's and partay!

i went and met the girls downtown by rogier station which is super lively and pretty. we walked around a bit and then headed to flagey. we stopped at an express shop for “jellies” (says roisin) and coke (they are all addicts!) and I got muesli, which I love! then to stopped by mama roma for pizza takeout, they have DELICIOUS authentic italian pizza. at my house we watched 'becoming jane' and ate our yummy food!

the next weekend we met downtown again, i don't remember where actually. probably bourse since the mcdonalds we ate it is close to there. mcdonalds. thats right. i am ashamed. in my defense, me and laurel weren't pumped about it like the european girls were. haha but it had to be documented of course, my first time in europe. and probably close to the last. well maybe it would be IF hadn't discovered the speculoos mcflurrys! speculoos is divine.

after mcdonalds we headed to anya's apartment. oh yeah this gorgeous building is right outside where she lives. anya works with laurel, and all the work kids were there as a going away party for nina. anya and her boyfriend are hilarious! they had this game i had never seen before but matt had and did NOT like it. it has blinking lights and the last person that pushes a button one the color changes gets shocked. or something like that. it was a blast to watch, jess would just throw it down every time. haha i did not partake. not a fan of games like that.

there were tons of treats, we brought chips and the girls brought wine. there was also this tasty banana bread with chocolate that jess made. besides the crazy shocky game we played a british version of like trivial pursuit mixed with catch phrase. and holy crap! europeans are amazing. there were at least 8 different nationalities and languages present and still they could all play this game in english.

it blows my mind how many languages people know here. i feel somewhat ashamed most the time. and honestly i take for granted being able to walk up to some and smile and ask if they speak english. because i have found 85% of the time they do. or something like that.

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