Sunday, March 7, 2010

and so it began.

story of my life. i get really good ideas and sometimes things happen SUPER fast. and time flies. so sorry for the time its taken me to get this up, but you know i am crazy like that. take for instance...

december 2009
--i already have a job driving buses for TUHSD. which had been confirmed..oh yeah, the DAY before. i have my school schedule set up perfectly for spring, which in fact is my last semester for my dental hygiene prereqs so i can apply and get into a school. life is pretty set up. yeah

4th--friday. i decide to be mean to myself and take a look at the awesomeness that other people are doing. at that moment it meant looking into au pair websites for europe. and i even make an account on whatever. so i go to bed and the night i had all these crazy dreams (which is weird for me, i hardly ever remember dreaming) and woke up so excited.

5th--saturday. i check my message. 9 hits! and a few emails even in my normal email account (which is by the way). mommy is in the kitchen and i am like "hey mom, what would you think about...." so she comes and looks at them, and keeps looking at them as i had to run and sell a textbook from craigslist. when i get home, i look again. and me and mom had both picked the same family.

gino and maria. 39 and 35. from spain. live in brussels belgium. work as interpreters. have 2 kids. clara 2. bruno 5 months. super fun pictures. nice house. good location. lets give them a shot. so i email them.

we write each other a few times and then set up a skype date for the next day.

6th--sunday. skype date. i love them. we are pretty set.

7th--monday. HUGE lab test this morning i remember. in between classes i ran down and turned in my passport papers.

8th--tuesday. we decide yes! for the beginning of january!

10th--i go to work and apologize and explain the situation. kim is a rockstar and offers me the job for whenever i get home. set up online classes.

so the next month i make lists and lists of things i have to do before i go. finish my finals. buy tickets. pack. play. braces off (which is a whole other miracle in itself). utah. christmas. new years. party. and gone i go!

well i wish the going part was quite as smooth as the rest.....

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