Sunday, March 7, 2010

ice cream, pool and tea time.

the family is awesome! some fun things around the house:

ice cream!--gino doesn't love ice cream as much as i do...but almost! which is impressive all in itself. but on top of it, he loves to make his own! which is fantastic for me! we try new flavors all the time. so far we have made banana (my suggestion of course! its the best!), vanilla, mango, coconut, bitter almond and chocolate.

swimming pool--gino loves to swim. clara constantly asks for 'la piscina'. bruno, well he's a baby. maria used to take a water aerobics class before bruno. so the first time we went was the first time she'd been since she was pretty pregnant, i was so excited for her. its so fun, the little kids are so cute. i was sitting watching bruno, he was sleeping. haha this adorable little boy was playing outside and kept waving at me and telling his dad he saw me.

playtime--i pick up the kids most days from daycare around 4. bring them home. give clara a snack, let bruno nap, play!, bath time, and get ready for dinner. one day me and clara 'baked cookies' (playdough style) and she made me manzania (chamomile tea). she had been obsessed with it since she sees me drink it most mornings at breakfast.

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