Saturday, March 27, 2010

cooking, cookies, casitas and carnival with cintolesi's

i love to bake! i think its fantastic that they love everything i make because so many things are new for them. so of course of course they needed to have apple pie! it was hilarious, when i went to make it i asked maria for a pie pan...she just stared. they didn't have one, the kind of pie pan we use. so i used a drop out bottom cake pan, it turned out okay. they loved it. next time i will have to do it with michelle's recipe and with an actual pie pan. for valentine's day, well, for a lot of holidays i like the tradition of making sugar cookies and decorating them. i think gigi might have something to do with that. haha so i made a bunch of dough and laurel helped me cut and bake them all. clara and her friend marina helped us decorate them. gino thought it was so great, the best thing they have done with clara yet. i was so happy they liked it. oh and at first trying to find things to decorate with was a mess. haha i bought jam to use instead of food coloring and chocolate sprinkles that they actually use for breakfast toast! when we came back from den haag though gino had found real sprinkles and food coloring! it was awesome. i made one for christopher too!

one day me this week me and clarita were having fun in my room building casitas para mi clarita! and they she tried on my shoes and walked around with them. it was cracking me up i loved it. she managed to walk up the stairs with them on...okay i had to help her a bit. haha.

for carnival i am sad to say i didn't do anything. not a single thing. actually i am not even really sure what people do for carnival that isn't scandalous, but i am sure there are festivals or something. well clara's friend leah had a carnival party for the kids and their families. this is what my adorable dressed up as! even bruno got in on the action as a little sailor! i love the stache! we have good times at home, its really exciting for me to see them growing. i know it hasn't been that long but the fact bruno eats solid food and can sit up by himself almost, and clara gets smarter everyday. it blows my mind.

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