Monday, March 8, 2010

Place Royale. first trip.

one day i was on a bus route that has a stop about 6 minutes from my house. i accidentally missed my stop and went about 2 passed it. i ended up in this loveliness! its the place royale, which is full of museums, a gigantic and gorgeous park, statues, the belvue, and more. i didn't have much time to wander around but i made sure to come back that week and took laurel with me to explore.

we walked around, and i got my first waffle here! these are what the vans look like:

i got a chocolate covered one of course. so good. i went into my first cathedral here, well i think it is a cathedral, now that i think about it it might be considered technically a church. i'm not sure. Notre-Dame du Sablon is lovely. and has the most beautiful stained glass windows. they tell stories which is really neat. i also saw my first confessional? i think that's what its called. which i thought was kind of interesting to see.

near that we found a little pathway that had more modern sculptures in it. the duck one laurel thought was so silly so i snagged a shot of it. also on that path you could see some really cute buildings, "you just took a picture into someone kitchen window"--laurel. and a wall i thought looked so awesome that had the marks where the vines had been.

we also went into this lovely church, Church Saint Jacques-sur-coudenberg. it had the BIGGEST painting i have ever seen in real life. seriously, like bigger than a movie theatre screen. it was beautiful inside but freezing.

there are a few museums there i am definitely going to have to check out, and since its about 20 minutes from home it shouldn't be that difficult to do it. haha

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  1. I found you :) I am your first official blog stalker :) And I love your stories!! Miss you!